Catherine Kenyon

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My name is Catherine Kenyon and I am a lecturer for the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and a Ph.D. candidate in the Engineering and Science Education (ESED) Department here at Clemson. My advisor is Dr. Lisa Benson, and we are currently investigating how assessment in the calculus classrooms interacts with students' Future Time Perspectives through a mixed methods study.

After completing my B.S. in Mathematical Sciences in 2017, I decided I loved Clemson way too much to leave. I completed my M.S. in Mathematical Sciences here at Clemson in 2019 under my advisor Dr. Neil Calkin. My graduate research focused on properties of Dr. Calkin's famous "Calkin-Wilf Tree", or as he likes to call it, "The Tree of all Fractions". While completing my Masters, I had the incredible opportunity to teach Calculus in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. I absolutely fell in love with teaching and knew I wanted to figure out how to make instruction in higher education even better and investigate what motivates our students to do what they do! This led me to apply to become a Ph.D. student in the ESED Department here at Clemson and work my way to becoming a Triple Tiger. My advisor, the guru of motivation- Dr. Lisa Benson, and I are so excited to contine to explore Future Time Perspective Theory.

Aside from academics, I love ballet, reading, writing, hiking, and eating anything from Chick-Fil-A. I am married to my wonderful partner, Trevor Squires, who also earned all three of his degrees from Clemson.